Edition: First Edition
Released: February 2011
Author: English OK Co., Ltd
Publisher: Ohta Publications
Size: Pocket Size! (91mm x 128mm)
Pages: 112
Price: 1,028 Yen (incl. tax)

Correct & polite service English phrases with tips on proper customer service responses to challenging questions.


"As the Japanese population continues to decrease, it is vital for the restaurant industry to be able to attract and serve foreign customers. Gourmet Navigatior has been helping to provide services to support this, such as our English website directory, English menus and EnglishOK language seminars. This restaurant service English book is another important tool in supporting restaurant staff to serve foreign customers."

Seiichiro Kubo


"Dining at restaurants is one of the fun things about traveling. Foreign visitors to Japan can enjoy many kinds of wonderful cuisine. In order to enhance the dining experience even more, it is vital for Japanese restaurant staff to master the basics of customer service Englsih. Using this book, you can learn the English necessary to communicate with foreign customers which, combined with the Japanese spirit of hospitality, will help them to understand Japan's rich and varied food culture.

Akio Tsuda
The Japan Restaurant Association


"The Japan Tourism Agency has a goal of 25 million foreign visitors to Japan by 2015. Foreigners will be the next big market for the restaurant industry.
This book can be used as a communication tool, as a bridge between you and your foreign customers."

Miki Watanabe
Watami Co. Ltd

The "English" International Guests Expect You to Know.
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Pocket English - What's Inside? What's Inside?

  • 38 Bilingual dialogue situations featuring both staff & customer phrases
  • Essential restaurant vocabulary
  • Language tips
  • Restaurant service tips

We have also included:

  • Katakana English (Japanese English)
  • An extensive vocabulary list for food ingredients
  • Emergency telephone numbers
  • Useful English websites on Japan for guests

Pocket English - Made for youMade for You

1. Students & New Staff

Your exciting new job in the restaurant industry is going to be full of new challenges and situations. Use Pocket English: Restaurant Service English to help you prepare before you start working. Our first tip for you is to start by mastering the key phrases you will have to use regularly.

2. Experienced Staff

A great resource!
You are already experienced and care about your customer service. Use Pocket English: Restaurant Service to help you increase your confidence and fine tune your service for foreign guests. You will find many of your questions answered and a few service tips and hints to help you provide great service to your international customers!

For Managers Pocket EnglishFor Managers

"Pocket English: Restaurant Service English" is an essential resource for all restaurant staff.
Discounts available for group purchases.
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Our customer service English trainers have trained in restaurants across Japan and the content has been developed in response to questions most commonly raised by restaurant staff.