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Master key service English phrases that you can use everyday and understand what kind of phrases are impolite or too casual for restaurant service.
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Title: Pocket English Restaurant Workshop
Theme: Simple & Polite Service English
Duration: 3-Hours
Location: On-site


Practical phrases and role-play practice covering common situations that new restaurant staff will regularly face. The workshop is available for groups of 4 to 50 students. Contact us for pricing & scheduling.

Title: Restaurant New Staff Training
Theme: Essential Restaurant English Phrases for Beginners
Duration: 3-Hours
Location: On-site


"The Japan Tourism Agency has a goal of 25 million foreign visitors to Japan by 2015. Foreigners will be the next big market for the restaurant industry.
This book can be used as a communication tool, as a bridge between you and your foreign customers."

Miki Watanabe
Watami Co. Ltd

Speak with Confidence!
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Satisfied StudentsSatisfied Students

Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

"I have studied at the other English schools before, but the English was not useful and I couldn't learn enough. On the other hand, the English OK! lesson was a lot of fun and I could learn a lot. It was really enjoyable."

Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel

"I was not interested in English training. However by speaking out loud, it became more interesting. It was a little embarrassing in the beginning, but more and more I didn't feel embarrassed. Moreover, I noticed I was remembering lots of phrases naturally by speaking out loud."

Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

"The lesson was easy to understand, it was the most enjoyable and understandable English lesson I have ever taken. Great teachers, very kind and easy to talk to. I'd love to study again."

Hotel Okura Kobe

"Easy to understand and easy to remember. I think I can use the phrases I learned right away, so I'll try to use them before I forget them."

Crowne Plaza Kobe

"I didn't like to speak English, but after the training, I wanted to speak more. It was fun studying."

Satisfied ManagersSatisfied Managers

Meguro Gajoen

"We appreciate all the effort English OK staff made to help our new staff become motivated and interested in practical English."

Hotel Okura Kobe

"All the staff enjoyed studying, the most practical basic restaurant English."

Takanawa Prince Hotel

"English OK! provides lessons with native English-speaking teachers which provides a great environment to learn. The lesson content was directly related to our different restaurant sections. The customized and relevant content allowed our staff to use the English they were learning immediately after each lesson.

Many of the staff said they gained lots of confidence and the motivation to approach foreign customers instead of waiting to be asked for something. Overall, the lessons allowed our staff to learn exactly what they needed and we found the lessons to be very effective in such a short time."

For Managers Pocket EnglishContact us

For course details, pricing and scheduling information please contact us.

* Our workshops are currently only offered through restaurants and not directly to individual students.

* Our pricing is based on a minimum of 4 students per workshop.

* We offer 3-hour, 4-hour (half-day), and 8-hour (full-day) workshops.

* We deliver workshops to restaurants across Japan.